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Jamworld Ep. #07 Jamworld Ep. #07

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Work on your animation skills some more, you have a good basics grasp. Also don't try to just copy eddsworld (in style and content). Be your own person, not someone else.

JamworldCrew responds:

This episode was created last April. I was a Shitty Animator, but now, check my recent animation.
And the eddsworld thing. The Show of Mine is a inspiration of it, and i might make a new logo for Jamworld. And plus it was the only name i can come up with.

Until, i came up with a Cartoon Pilot called: "[animatics]" and it's about Me and Maverick. But then, i realize that they're already on a show, so no. I use a crappy New Character Names called "Steve" (Circle Shaped Head) and "Steven" (Square Shaped Head). It sounds stupid, i know. But...
Jamworld is Indeed inspired by Eddsworld and the creator itself.
I don't want to take the show as exactly the same as it is. (Hint: Characters leaving, etc,)
And if your wondering about Maverick's Hair and color style, it's a Reference/ Easter Egg to Eddsworld. Everybody's Favorite, "Tord"... And also because i have no actual Hair Style for Maverick.

So yea. I'll try to make a New Logo for Jamworld. No promises.
By the way, if your into Dick Figures, i got a couple songs from DF and i asked the composer, 'Nick Keller' for using his songs and crediting him and he said. Yes. (Pointless Info i guess)


ninety-six hours later ninety-six hours later

Rated 0 / 5 stars

stupid squad

StoneColdCrazy responds:

crap crew

Crab death PT 2 Crab death PT 2

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

wow rude